Frequently Asked Questions

If you need to ask a question, here’s where to look

1. How does the secret piece of jewelry look like?
The shape and appearance of the secret jewelry in your DiamondSoap is left to chance and meant to be a surprise. Take a look around on our homepage for a range of different models. All items displayed may be hidden in the DiamondSoap; yet the models on display here show only a tiny selection of our huge and lovingly chosen product line, which is constantly expanded. Discover your jewelry surprise now.

2. What is the piece of jewelry made of, and how do I recognise its value?

All pieces of jewelry come with a cachet and a tag which indicate the material they’re made of. The value of a piece consists of the price of material, weight, workmanship and other factors. To determine its value exactly you can visit your local jeweler. Each DiamondSoap contains only genuine jewelry, which can consist of zirconia, crystal, pearls, gems or similar materials and is always made from high-value products such as 925 sterling silver.
3. Is there really a piece of jewelry hidden in every soap?

Only by acquiring large amounts of jewelry and sparing the cost of big marketing campaigns can we offer our beauty line jewelry products at these affordable SHOP prices. We guarantee that each soap contains a piece of jewelry. All pieces are chosen individually from a range of models. The jewelry is just as beautiful and chosen for its own unique form and quality. See for yourself on our Facebook page and in our Gallery.

4. Can I choose the size of my ring?
We exclusively use rings in established standard sizes; thus your surprise ring will most likely fit you. Occasionally, a ring might not fit its new owner. Then you’re able to swap it on our Facebook page with other DiamondSoap customers or have it adjusted at the jeweler’s.

5. How long does it take for the piece of jewelry to appear?

The ring contained in the DiamondSoap is hidden approximately in the center of the cube. The period of time needed to make your ring appear may vary according to how often you use your DiamondSoap.
6. How much is the cost of delivery?
The cost of delivery is £5.80. Starting from an order value of £75.00, we don’t charge you anything for delivery. For more information, please take a look at our shipping information page.
7. How can I win a DiamondSoap?
If you’d like to win a DiamondSoap, take a look at our sweepstakes. Additionally, we often announce special promotions, more sweepstakes and exciting news about DiamondSoap on our Facebook page.
8. I need to ask something else!
Write a message to us via our contact form and we will respond to you as soon as possible.