Soap meets jewelry: DiamondSoap is the first and original supplier of beauty soaps that comes with a hidden piece of jewelry


100% handmade Soaps

DiamondSoap is a unique soap product which contains a secret piece of jewelry. Every DiamondSoap is manufactured from premium natural resources such as organic palm oil (Fair Trade standards), and Made in Germany. Each handmade DiamondSoap comes to maturity within at least four to six weeks and is wrapped up in a silky-soft sachet and a precious jewelry box.


Hidden Piece of jewelry made of 925 sterling silver

While using your DiamondSoap, the secret gem that’s hidden and securely wrapped within the soap will be revealed over time. On the piece you will find a cachet and a tag which indicate the material it is made of. The jewelry contained in DiamondSoap is genuine jewelry and always consists of 925 sterling silver.



Never was body care more exciting